Our Cleaning Services

About us

BrazUsa is a local cleaning company that has expanded to several homes and companies throughout Massachusetts. The company was first founded in 1993 by American citizens, Charles and Gilselia Farias. Since then, the company has grown incredibly and has acquired an experienced and qualified team guaranteed to satisfy customers. Both Charles and Gilselia take great pride in what they do and have always made sure to do their correctly so that others may share this pride for their work.

They care dearly about their customers and are always sure to make this clear through their customer service. Customers are always provided with flexible scheduling, simple customer service and a general appreciation that tells them BrazUsa would love nothing more than to be able to clean for them again. Perhaps the greatest advantage the company has over many others is the level of care and attention from the two owners. All jobs are overseen by the two owners and any and all situations are handled by the two directly.

For more information please donít hesitate to contact our offices.