The gift of friendship

For every new client that hires us for three cleaning services, the client that referred them receives 30% off their next cleaning session.

For example: If Bob referred his friend Sally, and Sally hired us for three separate occasions; Bob would receive 30% off his next appointment with us.

The following promotions are limited to once per household(for each, separate promotion):

The gift of loyalty.

For the first two cleaning appointments for a new client, said client would receive 25% off their next appointment.

For example: If Bob hired us for two appointments, he would receive a 25% discount on his third appointmeant.

The gift of broadcasting.

For “sharing” us on Facebook(You can easily do so by clicking here), you receive up to a 20% discount on your next appointment. Discount percentage varies on Facebook reach per person, contact us to find out percentage.

For example: If Bob “shared us on Facebook, he would receive up to a 20% discount off his next appointment.

The gift of satisfaction.

For leaving us a review on Yelp receive up to a 10% discount off your next appointment.

For example: If Bob were to give us a review on Yelp, he’d receive up a 10% discount on his next appointment.